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During my years as a stay at home Mom, I discovered the power of small groups. They could either nurture connection or add to the buzz.


The Entrust modules gave me a road map and community for learning and practicing skills for ministry. As I grew in skills and faith, my passion to invest in other women grew and I joined the Entrust staff as a certified facilitator.  

Today I serve as Entrust's Mid-Atlantic Regional Leader. Our team strives to offer Entrust Equipping Women's four modules, build community and nurture women as leaders.


My greatest joy is witnessing women grow in confidence and compassion as they nurture, develop and mobilize others for kingdom impact.


Entrust's vision, multiplying leaders for multiplying churches, includes equipping women.


Entrust's Equipping Women equips women in the local and global church to nurture, develop and mobilize others for kingdom impact.

Balcony with a View


We equip through collaborative, transformational learning progressing through four distinct modules.

Each module provides practice and coaching building on previous skills and depths to spiritual maturity.

Upon completing the progression of modules, women will be biblically equipped to nurture, develop and mobilize others for kingdom impact.


The women's ministry multiplies women leaders through accessible, locally owned, reproducible trainings.

All Hands In

Join Amber's Support Team!

When you partner with me in ministry, you equip women with the skills and maturity they need to equip others. Your investment multiplies as she makes disciples. 

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