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Entrust's vision, multiplying leaders for multiplying churches, includes equipping women.


Entrust Equipping Women equips women in the local and global church to nurture, develop and mobilize others for kingdom impact.

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WHO are the women who participate in our modules?

We focus on key leaders who:

  • oversee spiritual and leadership development of growing leaders

  • have a passion to develop ministry skills and maturity in others

  • need a road map for leading small groups to pass on to growing leaders

  • need to develop skills in leading and creating Bible studies to pass on to others

  • are ready to commit to training that equip them and the people they serve.

What is your equipping process?

We equip women by offering a progression of four distinct modules to develop practical ministry skills and maturity. Modules are taken in succession, building on the skills developed in the previous modules. Each module engages in dialogue, coaching and practice providing hands on, transformational learning. 

When do you offer courses?

Trainings are offered multiple times per year in the U.S., internationally and online. Women take one module at a time to learn and practice new skills that they can implement in their local settings before returning for the next module.

Our modules are offered in a variety of formats: online weekly, two extended weekends and week-long intensives depending on the region.

What is a woman equipped to do after taking all 4 courses?

Women are equipped to:​

  • LEAD small group discussions with confidence

  • GUIDE others in godly relationships

  • STUDY and apply Scripture in community

  • CREATE inductive Bible studies

  • MENTOR women in ministry skills

  • BUILD diverse ministry teams

  • ESTABLISH local and national training hubs

  • CONTEXTUALIZE curriculum across cultures

  • LAUNCH women into new ministry settings

  • PURSUE Entrust facilitator certification

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