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My Journey

Working with Entrust Equipping Women since 2016 has given me the opportunity to discover my gifts, connect with women around the world, create teams to impact the kingdom, and mentor others and we grow together.


It's a joy to share some highlights of my journey with you.

Ministry Today


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Proclaiming God's Work

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I never knew how much I would enjoy designing web pages and web sites. For the past few years I worked with Entrust Equipping Women's leadership team to clarify our message and create new web pages to tell our story and provide women with the information and inspiration they need to take their next steps.


Currently I am collaborating with Entrust's Equipping Women Leadership Team and Communications Team to create a new Equipping Women Communications team. We  will oversee Entrust Equipping Women's web pages, newsletters and social media.


God is impacting his kingdom by equipping women worldwide and we aim to proclaim his work for his glory.

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Inviting Partners

This ministry is rooted in community. God is creating a movement of women equipped to nurture, develop and mobilize others for kingdom impact. 

I want to invite you to be part of this movement!

Accepting the invitation to join my support team through special gifts or a monthly commitment is a step of faith.


Will God provide for both of us as we seek first his kingdom?

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Mobilizing New Leaders


Entrust Equipping Women started offering trainings in the Mid-Atlantic region in 2017. In 2019 the Virginia hub team was officially established.


In the past 6 years over 80 women from 11 states and 4 countries have taken at least one module and at least 5 women have completed all four modules.


This year it is time for me to entrust my leadership as hub coordinator to the next faithful woman. I am excited to mobilize this team to continue equipping women for years to come.

Ministry Over the Years

For the past six years I have enjoyed serving Entrust Equipping Women in a variety of ways. Each one deepened my love for Jesus and people around the world.

Certified Facilitator

This role has afforded me the most opportunities to equip and disciple women around the world. Learning with and from women from other cultures has broadened my understanding and deepened my love for God and others.

Over the years I've facilitated modules in Switzerland, Zambia, South Texas, North Carolina and Virginia.

As Maddie and Eli enter their middle and high school years, I will not travel as much. However, I look forward to sharing stories about the ways equipped women are impacting the kingdom.

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As a certified facilitator and hub coordinator, I had the opportunity to mentor women and lead teams. I enjoyed mentoring one woman through her internship with Dallas Theological Seminary.  Writing summer Bible studies on the book of Ruth and Proverbs with Kathryn, Michele and Christina was a joy. I'll always remember leading a team of 12 women on a short term mission trip to South Africa and writing a Bible study with Steffani and Michele to share with the ladies.

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