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Good to be BACK!

After a year of Zoom...what a JOY to be facilitating in person. In April I hopped on a plane and headed back to a city and friends near and dear to my heart. I joined fellow facilitators Jen, Debbie and Jack facilitating a group of 5 men and 5 women through the first part of Module 1, Facilitating Relational Learning.

Even at this point we received the following comments:

"As a professional facilitator, I was not sure if I'd learn something new. I was pleasantly surprised and this will impact the way I lead Bible studies and professional meetings in the future."

"You exceeded my expectations. Your process was intentional, well-organized, and meaningful."

Looking forward to returning to the great state of Texas in July to complete Part 2 of the module. Pray for the participants as they create lessons to practice new skills we covered in the first weekend. Pray also that we continue to build trust and unity as a group so we might encourage one another when we meet again.

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