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Are you ready for some big news?


This is a big move for our family. We are moving closer to Ben's family and preparing for a sabbatical year in 2022-2023. I understand this may raise some questions! I'd love a personal conversation with each of you. For now, here are some details:

My work with Entrust will remain the same. As Mid-Atlantic Regional Leader, I'll be working virtually and in person, overseeing our Mid-Atlantic Regional Team. This team will discern, plan, and carry out regular Entrust trainings to serve the local churches in the Mid-Atlantic. I will continue producing the bi-weekly Sacred Spaces podcast! (If you haven't checked us out, please do and give us a review!) Finally, I am looking forward to serving on Entrust's curriculum team to revise curriculum and train future certified facilitators.

Ben's work with DTS will also remain the same. He will continue teaching Greek and NT Studies. His classes consist of a hybrid of online and in person classes at the DC and Atlanta campuses. In 2022, we look forward to another sabbatical. Our hope is to return to Cambridge, UK. We appreciate your prayers as we plan.

Eli loves all things Dayton: cousins, fishing on the river, making new friends, and did I mention cousins? He will be starting 7th grade at Rhea County Academy, which is a small Christian school in Dayton. We met with the principal yesterday and we love his attention to each student while providing a welcoming community to new students.

Maddie hates change. She is grieving the loss of the Fine Arts Creative Writing program at Colgan HS. We are grieving that with her and feel honored that she's sharing her emotions with us. (She will be starting high school at RCA as well.) After a year at home and very little friend interactions, she's pretty anxious about getting back into the social world and making new friends. Understandable. Yet despite her disappointment, grief, and anxiety, she is first to clean and organize her room, she rolls with the punches, and shares her inner journey with us. Pray that she would see Jesus as her constant, unchanging, safe space in a ever-changing world.

I know this is long. Thanks for hanging with me. If you'd like to talk more, please reach out and we can talk by phone, meet for coffee, or set up a Zoom conversation. I'd love to touch base!

Your prayers, support, and friendship are foundational. May we ever seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. And all these things will be added - in His time and His way.

With love,


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